AENA can provide all design and construction services necessary for any project.  Among the many advantages of this project delivery method is an expedited schedule that allows many aspects of the design and construction process to occur simultaneously. AENA can provide interior design services under a design- build delivery model. As part of our design-build services, AENA has the ability to fabricate all millwork components such as kitchen cabinets, doors, door trim, and specialty elements, as well as any custom designed furniture.  The integration of interior design with our base construction services manifests itself in a complete understanding what we propose for each client. Coordination between trades is never a problem for AENA since we include trades-people in the design process from the outset, thereby avoiding trade coordination problems that cause cost and schedule overruns. Through the utilization of our millwork fabrication and our design-build capabilities, we are able to deliver cost effective, project original designs on tight schedules.  


AENA is a fully integrated construction services group that can provide skilled labor, management, and consulting services on any project. We have developed a team of highly qualified tradesman and managers that have the ability to complete a wide range of projects in both commercial and residential markets. 

Pre Construction
- Preparation of a concept budget and detailed trade-by-trade cost estimate
- Value engineering and construction cost reduction analysis
- Development of a phasing and master project schedule
- Risk analysis, insurance planning, and safety management programs
- Implementation of progress and cost reporting controls to monitor budget and schedule targets

General Construction Services
- Supply qualified tradesman and labor to perform required construction services
- Provide experienced managers for oversight of construction means, methods, sequencing and procedures
- Coordinating and supervising work performed by trades for quality, completeness, and conformity with plans and specifications
- Coordination with municipal authorities, governmental agencies, and utility companies
- Expediting and securing all permits, licenses, inspections, sign-offs, occupancy certificates required by jurisdictional agencies