​Designing, Building, and Managing Innovative and Modern Spaces 



Founded: 1994

Owner: Eda Nussbaumer

NYC General Contractor #: 608730

Areas of expertise:  General Construction, Facility Management.

Firm Profile

Travis Conley - Operations & Finance Director

John McLaughlin, Esq. - Vice President

Company Profile

Executive Team 

​Abel Artesona - Design and Compliance Director 

Justin Conley - Construction and Facilities Director 

Eda Nussbaumer - President 

We are an innovative and dynamic designer, builder, and developer focused on creating unique spaces and experiences within the built environment. We create value for our clients through our advanced management capabilities, integrated design approach, expertise in the means and methods of construction, and our practiced ability to navigate complicated projects and conditions. We have developed a broad scope of services that stem from our background in construction to include interior design, property management, and custom contracting. We believe that each of the services we offer is an outgrowth of a particular area of expertise we have developed through experienced project execution. Our experience having been involved in many complicated construction and development projects, has allowed the firm to become proficient, process driven, and goal oriented even in the most complex environments.